Mars Radio One 1.2 – update, Planet Coaster Studios Pack & more!

Greetings from Planet Earth and Mars.  Mars Radio One update 1.2 is coming this week!  – new music  – new ads  – new surprises  – mysteries to decode. You may have heard the transmission of our last update 1.12 contained some interference from what appears to have just been the tip of the iceberg. More to come and listen for as the story evolves. A game within a game?!? Yep!  PLANET COASTER STUDIOS PACK RELEASE…

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SURVIVING MARS – Get a Custom Mission Logo! Download the Royalty Free Radio Mars MOD & A sneak peak at PROTEUS NIGHTCLUB!

  EXTRA SUBSCRIBER REWARDS! All of my current subscribers and new subscribers for the month of March will get (if they want) a customized Surviving Mars Mission Logo Mod from me!  All you have to do is shoot me a message on Twitch or Discord and tell me a quick sentence or 2 about what you would like your logo to contain… maybe you like Bears and Bananas…I will incorporate both into an original logo…

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