Streaming twitch Update

New Song Every Week for the next 12 Weeks!

I started the TWITCH SESSIONS with a goal in mind. Write new music. With the help of my streaming community on Twitch.  I wrote every song live on stream over the past 30 days. And now I am releasing them to the world 1 song, every week for the next 12 weeks.

This is Session 1 which was inspired by the game SURVIVING MARS. In which these songs were included in a mod I created to increase the immersion of the game as well as offer my original music for others to listen to and incorporate into their streams.

Next Twitch Sessions will be a mod and music project for the upcoming game FROST PUNK.

All 12 songs will be available to my Twitch subscribers and Patreon supporters for free with a royalty free creative commons license included.

If you are a streamer, feel free to add the songs to your playlists while you stream as this music was created with the intent to be available for pretty much every use.

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