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C O L D W A V E – First TWITCH SESSIONS (Mars Radio One) Release!


COLDWAVE is my first release from the first “TWITCH SESSIONS” project: MARS RADIO ONE.  

30 days. 12 Songs written live on stream with YOU Twitch Chat! Each song will be available for all of my Twitch Subscribers and Patreon Supporters as Royalty Free under a Creative Commons License. 

Each song from this project will be released on streaming platforms to listen to for FREE and/or purchase, however these versions are not eligible for the Creative Commons License. 
This was inspired by the release of SURVIVING MARS. I created a MOD for the game featuring over 60 original songs + parody skits/ads to increase the immersion of the first colonists on Mars. 

My next project will begin this month, as I begin my next TWITCH SESSIONS project for “FROST PUNK”.  Join me live on stream and help me shape the sound of our frozen colony and aiding our colonists survival and mod a Radio Station into the game…. hopefully! 

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