Twitch + Follow / Sub = rewards!

So, for a year i have been streaming on twitch. This has been my creative outlet as it allows me to utilize all of my skillsets.  Music, creativity, damn charming, video games, video editing production djing and more.  

I never thought i would have been invited to PAX EAST in Boston and PAX WEST in Seattle and Frontier Expo 2017 in London England all because of my passion and excitement behind one of the greatest games ever created, Planet Coaster.  I am a brand ambassador and got the opportunity to not only talk about the game but also to DJ their events.  Life happens in mysterious ways, sometimes opportunities present themselves and you have to embrace them.  I did and have loved every second of it. 

TWITH is extremely important to me because it allows me to connect with a community and build a community from the ground up. 

Recently i became an Affiliate with twitch which means im an established streamer with a growing and engaged community. This also means people that like what im doing or just want to support me in general can and to my surprise actually do contribute their time and money to my passion and for their entrainment. 

NOW the fun stuff. 

All my followers get access to download a song of mine every month. All you have to do is follow me on twitch which is free. And come back monthly for your free song download.

As a follower, You also earn channel currency that can be used to redeem fun stuff like merch, free video games, custom music etc!    

As a SUBSCRIBER, you not only get everything above but you also get global emotes to be used anywhere on twitch.  

For every 6 consecutive months you subscribe you earn a LOOT BOX! Some boxes are digital, others are physical items i will personally put together for you to enjoy as a way to say thank you for your support.  

Suscribers get to activate a slot machine live on screen and if they match any 3, all the viewers are eligible to enter a free game guveaway!

EVERYONE gets to request songs in the chat.

I truly hope to see you in the chat soon!  



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