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Welcome To Smidge Games!

My name is Casey Clark also known as 3PM. I am a solo game developer as well as a musician/composer for film and video games.

I started my journey back many years ago with a Quake 2 mod that unfortunately never saw a release, however, at the time I was 16 and doing sound design on ICQ via a dialup modem in my bedroom while completing High School during the day.

I continued my journey with music for 24 more years releasing over 100 singles world wide and 6 albums. I also composed music for multiple short films and a feature indie film.

I have always had a love for video games, and always wanted to pursue a career making interactive stories, however, faced with self doubt and fear about my education I had all but written off the possibility of working on or creating my own video game.

Over the years I had tried numerous game engines in hopes that one of them would work out and make sense to me, unfortunately none of them did and I once again gave up. And then I came across a youtube video about a solo developer who made their own game with Unreal Engine and not having to do a single line of coding. It was all created with the Blueprint or visual scripting language.

I was obsessed. I watched hundreds of hours of youtube videos and purchased every online training course I could find to learn more about this Unreal Engine and began working on following along with tutorials and learning the basics and at the same time was learning a lot about coding and object oriented programming without realizing it. Going in to the engine I couldn’t tell you what an Array or Enumerator or Bool was I just wrote those off as being way too “math” for me. But within visual scripting and seeing things presented in an alternate way but accomplishing the same end result was when the light bulb clicked. Programming was making sense now, I knew what a bool was and an array and what enumerators were.

So I must have started work on dozens of different types of prototypes. Only to get overwhelmed and eventually *quickly* abandon the project.

I have always had a Michael Bay or AAA video game budget for my imagination, I didnt just make a haunted porch when I was a kid, I turned my backyard into a haunted house with lasers and smoke and cardboard walls and makeup fx and what not.

So this quickly discouraged me as I was attempting to create these huge AAA open world type games that were just beyond the scope of what I could do as a solo developer and someone that was still learning. And to this day, I am still learning. I had to focus my efforts on a small project, something that had a clear vision and that I knew I could execute relatively easily.

I thought of my first game Treasure Hunt one day when I was at a local fair and saw people throwing darts at balloons to pop them and earn prizes. I thought, hey! that could be a really simple game mechanic and be really fun. So I started coming up with ideas and making notes of how to transpose a dart/balloon popping game to something more interesting. Which is when I decided to go with a pirate theme and using a cannonball as the dart to pop the treasures and reveal their contents. I also wanted to make the game for casual users and something that would be fun to play to pass the time.

Currently the game is about 95% completed, and I am excited to officially release it any day now on to the world.

I have created Smidge Games in hopes to release interactive experiences for gamers, musicians and everyone in-between.

My first game is a mobile video game called Treasure Hunt. Currently set to be released August 27th, 2021 on Android and later in 2021 on iOS devices.

The second game called THE ENSIGN is currently in early development for the PC/Steam platform.

More news coming soon as well as updates on future projects!


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