Blog Update

3PM Music Update!

MUSIC. MUSIC. MUSIC.  Greetings!  Sorry for not keeping up with these blog posts, Time just gets away from me it seems.  I wanted to provide you all with a quick update regarding music.  I have now completed my first few TWITCH SESSIONS streams and have the bones of the first 3 songs established.  I am hoping to get one or two more before I go into full “Production” mode.   Full production mode consists of fleshing out…

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Recording again / New Sample Pack / Toplines and more!

Well, i think my writers block is officially gone. I am recording again. Finally. Its been almost a year.  Also, i switched DAWs to help inspire new ideas and try a new workflow. I went from using Cubase to now using  Presonus Studio One 3 and Reason 10.   Currently I am recording a new sample pack for and the Commercial EDM series.  I Should have these all locked down by next week.  And you…

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