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/end radio silence.  Hello! It’s been quite some time since I have posted a “blog”, 3 years to be exact. Wow.  I figured I should start this process up again as I am finally feeling inspired and creative again.  A quick update on whats been happening with me. About a year ago I was diagnosed with ADHD and Depression. A lovely combination. There is a stigma attached to both of those. I realized after talking with…

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This past week was one of those weeks that just… Wow.  I don’t even have a large enough vocabulary to accurately describe. I’ll post a recap of what happened:-New Song (Give You Live) was released as a DUBSTEP.NET exclusive. Almost 20,000 plays in 18 HOURS!!   -Signing a new single to one of the biggest electronic artists label this week. (More details soon) This song will be used in an upcoming WORLD CUP SOCCER campaign. …

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