Twitch Channel Update 07/27/18

UPDATE NOTES – 07/27/18

  • Streamlabs removed support for Spotify (Terms and conditions of Spotify were updated and because of this, Streamlabs can no longer interface with Spotify.)
  • Updated all 3 tier EMOTES to be HQ emotes (Awaiting Twitch Approval)
  • Updated MERCH store with brand new items!
  • Updated channel currency !coins to now live on the Streamlabs extension/overlay.  Overlays are now 100% compatible for all viewers on desktop and mobile.  Redeem your space coins by via the extension. New redeemable items are coming soon.
  • Updated IAM3PM.COM to show current Twitch channel status at the top. 
  • Updated IAM3PM.COM with a new TWITCH page which contains the channel and full featured chat embeded so you dont have to go to twitch.tv to watch if you don’t want to. 
  • Updated Twitch.TV Panels with new merch link, streamlabs leaderboards. 
  • Music source will now be from PRETZEL. 
  • Song Requests can now be redeemed via the Streamlabs Extension (Youtube Only) as well as in the channel.
  • All commands are now visible on the 3pmusic streamlabs landing page
  • Updated !mygame with more responses
  • New !quest command added + new quests
  • New Stream Avatars added (Subscriber & Mod perk)

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