Mars Radio One 1.2 – update, Planet Coaster Studios Pack & more!

Greetings from Planet Earth and Mars. 

Mars Radio One update 1.2 is coming this week! 

– new music 

– new ads 

– new surprises 

– mysteries to decode. You may have heard the transmission of our last update 1.12 contained some interference from what appears to have just been the tip of the iceberg. More to come and listen for as the story evolves. A game within a game?!? Yep! 


New rides. New scenery. New fixes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh join me for streams all week playing Planet Coaster and this new content. Plus giving away a few keys for it as well!! 


Hey! How can I download the Mars Radio One songs for offline listening and use? I am planning to release several digital albums. They will be INCLUDED with all Twitch subscriptions and Patreon supporters in the coming months. I’m shooting for a June release. All songs will be ROYALTY FREE under a creative commons license, which means you can pretty much use them however you wish with a few exceptions… I.e. can’t sell them or use them for commercial use and you must give me, the author credit. But feel free to use them in your stream, your movie, game project etc. So that’s pretty awesome. More details on that soon!! 

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