I have been contemplating how to best approach music writing and creating and streaming…. I have decided I am going to do the majority of my writing live on stream.  I am calling the project THE | TWITCH | SESSIONS .  

Join me weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) where I will be writing and recording music, vocals, lyrics, arranging as well as taking real time feedback, viewer polls and incorporating your suggestions into the music. Plus hang out in chat and have some fun with this amazing community!  

Once volume 1 is completed (Expected Q2 2018) I will release the EP to all of my Twitch Subscribers for free (Amazon Prime subscribers included of course!). And this will then be, hopefully, an ongoing volume / collection / body of work that I can share with all of you as a way to thank you for your support (Subscriptions).   

The first EP will be open to all chat viewers subs and non-subs, and as the project grows in size and scale it will then likely move to a Sub-only chat on the second or third EP. I am hopeful I will have enough support that I will be able to have a physical copy of the EP available to give each and every one of my subscribers as a collectors item as well as artwork that incorporates your twitch name and additional things that are awesome. 

Thank you again for your continued support, follows, bits, subs, shares and hype!

I am so excited to start this music project with you and share what we create together!



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