Recording again / New Sample Pack / Toplines and more!

Well, i think my writers block is officially gone. I am recording again. Finally. Its been almost a year.  Also, i switched DAWs to help inspire new ideas and try a new workflow. I went from using Cubase to now using  Presonus Studio One 3 and Reason 10.  

Currently I am recording a new sample pack for producerloops.com and the Commercial EDM series.  I Should have these all locked down by next week.  And you can look for them to be released in Q1 of 2018 most likely.  

Also, i am recording top lines for some tunes coming out on Hardwells label Revealed Records.

ive learned a lot over the past year and have experienced many new things in life that id like talk/sing about.  Mostly i have learned to not take on more than i can handle. At one point last year i had roughly 19 collaborations in progress… and only finished a handful of those. I was working too hard and taking on too much and that essentially caused my writers block which brought on some massuve depression as i talk about in my prior post. 

Be sure to catch me live at  Twitch.tv/3pmusic streaming as I plan to have lots of studio sessions for you as i begin writing my album.  And feel free to follow/subscribe to my streams! If you follow you also get a free song download every month as a thank you! 

 Till next time!  


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