This past week was one of those weeks that just… Wow.  I don’t even have a large enough vocabulary to accurately describe.

I’ll post a recap of what happened:
-New Song (Give You Live) was released as a DUBSTEP.NET exclusive. Almost 20,000 plays in 18 HOURS!!  

-Signing a new single to one of the biggest electronic artists label this week. (More details soon) This song will be used in an upcoming WORLD CUP SOCCER campaign. 

-Saw KASKADE on his REDUX tour (Phenomenal set!!). He played a little harder of a set than what I thought he was going to play, but I am not mad about it at all. 

-Booked a gig playing as a Headliner on the Patio of ELEKTRICITY in Pontiac, MI (Gorgeous space) on the same night as _____________ is playing the main room in July. Beyond excited.

-Booked a gig playing next Saturday 5/24/14 on the DETROIT PRINCESS along with some huge international talent for an unofficial MOVEMENT after party. 

3 Other gigs are pending but this is going be a very busy summer so far 🙂 

Thank you for all of your continued support. I love my friends, family and fans. 

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